An Empirical Study on the Flipped College English Classroom Teaching upon Outcome Based Education

Zhe Cai


Since its importation to China, Outcome Based Education (OBE) has aroused wide attention, and has been applied to professional teachings specialized in science and technology, agriculture, medicine, and social science and humanity. In the field of English teaching, OBE has been localized in the forms of Production- oriented Approach (POA) by scholars in China represented by Qiufang Wen[1]. In this paper, an experimental teaching upon flipped class was conducted with the data derivate therefrom for the purpose of mode revision and validity verification. After that, the properties as well as the merits of flipped POA were summarized in the sense of providing reference for English teaching for non-English majors. Finally, based upon the result analysis, some suggestions for further research were proposed.


Outcome Based Education; intelligent evaluation; formative assessment; production orientation


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