A New Method to Design Power Meter Based on GMR Sensor

Liuyuan Zhou, Wenli Chen, Zhihong Fu, Fuping Zhao


This paper presents a new method to design power meter based on giant magneto resistance (GMR) sensor. Firstly, we introduce the basic principle and characteristics of GMR sensor, and then propose an open-loop current sensor structure. The power of the circuit is transformed into the product of magnetic field around the GMR sensor and supply voltage of the sensor. According to the output voltage value of the sensor, we can calculate the power of the circuit. Finally, the output voltage of the sensor is collected by the AD sampling chip, converted into digital signal and then transmitted to the single chip computer for conversion. The instantaneous power value of the circuit is displayed on the display device. The designed power meter can measure signals from DC to high frequency (MHz magnitude), and the test method is simple.


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