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Damage Assessment on Framed Structures Through Regression Models Retrieved by Nonlinear Numerical Analyses



Nowadays, Structural Health Monitoring is certainly a topic of great interest both in the research and in the professional field as evidenced by the large number of applications and systems installed all over the world. A permanent monitoring system could be installed in order to identify a possible damage occurred on framed structures after moderate/destructive earthquake. Furthermore, it could be an useful tool for evaluating the service condition and the remaining service life of a structure. Most of simplified methods for structural damage detection are based on the evaluation of the dynamic characteristics evolution associated to the fundamental mode of vibration of a monitored structure. Particularly, the variation of parameters such as eigenfrequencies, equivalent viscous damping factors and modal and/or operational mode shapes has been evaluated and analyzed in order to identify structural damage. Methods based on frequency variation can be applied to detect damage, but they are not able to localize structural damage. Instead, to this aims, methods based on the evolution of modal shapes and/or of their derivatives such as mode curvatures could be more effective. Aim of this work is the improvement of an existing method for damage localization on framed structures based on the evaluation of the mode curvature change associated to the fundamental mode of vibration during an earthquake. The approach is based on the use of a nonlinear filter, the band-variable filter, able to extract the nonlinear response of each mode of vibration. The paper focuses also on the possibility to quantify the damage occurred on the monitored structure by considering the correlation among maximum value of mode curvature variation and the maximum inter-story drift. The regression model between these two parameters has been defined through nonlinear numerical models for different reinforced concrete framed structures designed for gravity loads only, with and without the presence of infill panels.


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