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The Train Structural Health Monitoring System Based on Internet+



Design an intelligent Structural Health Monitoring System combined with the Internet+, according to the characteristics and demand of the vehicle health monitoring. This system is composed of acquisition subsystem, wireless transmission subsystem and monitoring terminal subsystem. Use signal collection technology to collect those important parts of the vehicle and then transmit them to the train network system. Use TD-LTE network system to transmit the information to the ground database in real time and quickly to establish a digital and information file with long-time structure. Use monitoring terminal to carry out remote and real time monitoring of the vehicle status. Through analyzing and processing the data and mining for big data, you can make safety evaluation and health diagnosis, judging its damage degree and damage position, as well as make real time forewarning and forecast and supply them to personnel responsible for maintenance to carry out specific conservation and maintenance. The system realize the digital and information of the structure status; promote active maintenance and management progress, which is of great significance to improve and guarantee the monitoring, maintenance and management level of the structure operation, reduce workload, reduce the risk of operation safety during the whole lifetime and prolong its safe service lifetime.

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