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The Intelligent Diagnosis Research of TCMS Based on a Port Condition Analysis Method



The communication quality of on-board network system influences the transmission of control commands, status data and fault message, which plays an significant role in the high-speed train's reliable operation. Considering the complexity of operating environment, the train control and monitor system (TCMS) is often affected by high voltage fluctuations, the vehicle electromagnetic environment, cable layout and component failures, making it difficult to troubleshoot and locate faults. Given multi-functional vehicle bus (MVB) communication mechanism and the train network topology, this paper proposes a health evaluation model based on the analysis of network port condition, which may make a contribute to the predictive maintenance and troubleshooting of the TCMS. This model is built on the evaluation of the waveform distortion and the error rate of port periodic frames. By real-time and historical data analysis, the current condition of TCMS can be diagnosed and the fault can be predicted. Finally, our work is verified by experiments on the ground, convincing the highly feasibility of the proposed model.

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