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Oil Ring of EMU Gearbox Press-in Position Detection Method Based on Press-fit Curve



CRH(China Railways High-speed) has been experiencing flourishing development in recent years, and the quality of high-speed EMU (Electric Multiple Units) not only has an impact on China Railways operation security, but also concerns the international execution of the Belt and Road Initiative. Gearbox, as the key component of EMU bogie, bears high load and severe vibration, and due to its sophisticated structure, large amount of components and high precision of assembly, the maintenance of EMU gearbox is of substantial significance in the overhaul of the whole EMU. However, in the maintenance of EMU gearbox, traditionally it is impossible to make sure that the oil ring is in place after being press-fitted, since the view has been blocked by the bearing cage. Therefore, a series of technical research has been carried out to study properties of the pressure-fit curve of the press machine, as well as reveal the principle indicated by it. Eventually, an approach based on the press-fit curve to determining whether the oil ring is in place has been devised.

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