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Investigation of Innovative Dot Code with Press through Package (PTP) for Visually Impaired Patients



In Japan, the visually impaired including total blindness and amblyopia is approximately 310,000 people statistically, and only 12.7% of them can read Braille. It means that most of blind people relay on sound information, however, there are only a few reports on the actual condition of taking medications for visually impaired patients. In the area of medicine, more than 50% of drugs are providing with Press Through Package (PTP) in Japan, there is no rule for appropriate information against blind people. Some pharmacy use touch sealed or sound barcode as a service for blind patients, it is extremely uncommon. Since PTP is most common package, some idea of sound information for visually impaired patients is necessary. Innovative Dot PTP, visually impaired patients are able to hear sound information using infrared ray radiation scanner pen, with which they just touch the PTP. After giving instruction of Dot PTP for subjects, we study usefulness and usability of innovative Dot code with PTP both interview and objective information. Simultaneously, we did interview to collects information of difficulty. We interviewed visually impaired patients about taking medications. Using Dot PTP, instruction and sensory evaluation item are explained for subjects who has visually impairment. After using Dot PTP, subjects evaluated several items with NRS. The results of interview and NRS are studied. Many visually impaired patients answered "Sometimes, I can't find which medicine to take." An instruction of Dot PTP is evaluated understandable for most of visually impaired patients. Sound information are able to give appropriate information of drug taking for blind subjects. Dot PTP is able to produce in current productive procedure with miner change of machine and systems. Considering aging the society, cost-effective service tool like Dot PTP could contribute universal design in the society.


visually impaired patients; Press Through Package (PTP); drug information; dot codeText


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