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Multifunctional Sandwich Panels with Jute Fiber-Core and GFRP Skins for Snowfall Regions

Mohamed S. Aly-Hassan, Hiroyuki Hamada


This research investigates the processing of sandwich composite structures with overall low density made up of glass fibre-reinforced polymer skins bonded to a jute fiber mat core. Jute fibers have good insulating properties for both of thermal and acoustic energies, totally biodegradable and recyclable materials. Therefore, a needled punched jute mat was used as a thick and lightweight soft core with two thin GFRP laminas as stiff skins for fabricating valuable sandwich composite structures with high performance. This novel sandwich structure exhibited a higher specific total impact energy and specific impact strength than those of composites and neat resin. Larger deformation and non-brittle fracture behavior than those of composites and neat resin were obtained. A multifunctional roof panels fabricated from the above-mentioned sandwich structure was introduced to use in snowfall regions.


Natural fiber, GFRP, Sandwich structure, Skin, CoreText

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