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Evaluation of Fiber/Matrix Interfacial Debonding Behavior Using a Partially Embedded Single Fiber

Shin Iwata, Hayato Nakatani, Shinji Ogihara


This paper examines fiber/matrix interfacial strength and growth behavior of the interfacial debonding with glass fiber and epoxy using a partially embedded single fiber. Test specimen with partially embedded single fiber in the resin is made by using the capillary action of the resin. By observing the cross section of a specimen with an optical microscope, it can be confirmed that the fiber is partially embedded in the resin. Interfacial debonding test is conducted by applying peeling force to the fiber to evaluate interfacial fracture toughness. By using the partially embedded single fiber fracture toughness is calculated from the load-displacement curve and the debonding growth length which is obtained by the experiments.

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