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Exploring Multifunctional CNT-Epoxy-Glass Fibers Composites

for Microwave Absorption, Structural Applications GUANG-LIN ZHAO, RONG ZHAO, KUO LI, JIAXIN XIA, PATRICK MENSAH


In this work, we explored the enhancement of mechanical properties of microwave absorption composites using multi-walled carbon nanotubes (MWCNTs), epoxy, and glass fiber (GF) reinforcement. We investigated the tensile strength, morphologies, dielectric permittivity, and electromagnetic (EM) wave absorption properties (in a frequency range from 3 to 26 GHz) of the composites. The tensile strength of the composites was enhanced to about 400 MPa, which is comparable to that of commercial Aluminum alloy 6061 (about 300 MPa), whereas, the tensile strength of the pristine MWCNT-epoxy composite is around 15 MPa. The mass density of the MWCNT-Epoxy-GF composites from this work was measured to be around 1.6 g/cm3, while Aluminum alloy 6061 has a mass density ~ 2.7 g/cm3. In addition, the MWCNTs (9 wt%)-epoxy-GF composite presented a strong EM wave absorption in a wide frequency band from 15 to 26 GHz, while Aluminum alloys do not have much EM wave absorption. The high microwave absorption together with the much enhanced mechanical strength of the composites provide a potential as multifunctional composite for some applications.


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