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Semi Empirical Modeling of Magnetic Field Assisted ED Machining of Metal Matrix Composites



This study investigates the hybrid EDM technique performed in a magnetic field environment for refining process execution. Earlier magnetic-field-assisted EDM (MFAEDM) techniques were confined to use with a category of magnetic materials. In this investigation, the magnetic field was paired with traditional EDM plasma zone to examine this hybrid process on Al-based metal matrix composites. The parameters, for instance, peak current, pulse on duration and electrode variant were selected to determine their after effects on the response such as material removal rate (MRR) and surface integrity. A semi-empirical model for MRR on the MMC has been built by incorporating dimensional analysis depending on relevant process parameters selected out by the design of experiments (DOE). The experimental results witness improved recast layer formation along with an improvement of 11.7% MRR at higher spark energy. As the experimental results inferred that the MFAEDM facilitated the process stability, predictions of the semi-empirical model have conferred a good correspondence with experimental verifications.

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