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Measurement of Paint Stripping Solvent Effects on Pigmented Epoxy-Amine Coatings on Pretreated Aluminum Alloy 2024 T3

Matthew Gillis, Partha Pratim Sengupta, Michael D. Blanton, James W. Rawlins


The efficacy of stripping solvents is based on inducing cohesive and adhesive failure in coatings via swelling and bond breakage. In this study, the performance of stripping solvents methylene chloride (CH2Cl2) and methylene chloride-phenol (CH2Cl2-Ph, 19:1 blend) on a cured epoxy-amine coating was evaluated by examining their influence on coating properties such as glass transition temperature, crosslink density, and thermal expansion coefficients via Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC), Dynamic Mechanical Analysis (DMA), and Thermomechanical Analysis (TMA). The stripping process was monitored in situ via optical microscopy. The effects of residual solvent content in the coating efficiency were also noted. It was found pretreatment of AA2024-T3 panels affects both adhesion and solvent paint stripping effects on epoxy-amine coating.

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