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Hiding Optimization in Architectural Coatings Using High Throughput Research

Jodi M. Mecca, Qing Zhang, David M. Fasano, Dick A. Cummins, John W. Hook


The Dow Chemical Company has developed a robust high throughput workflow to aid in the development of paint raw materials and to understand how materials interact to impart desired paint properties. The process includes advanced methods of designing experiments, formulating paints, producing and testing samples, and the analysis, modeling and visualization of large data sets. High throughput research is well suited for probing the vast formulation space of paints and Dow has developed an array of tools and screens to enable the testing of many of the end-use properties. This includes the ability to measure the fundamental scattering coefficient of paints, a difficult and time consuming testing method. How these techniques were employed to better understand, predict and ultimately optimize the hiding performance of paints and minimize the dependence on TiO2 will be presented.

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