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Seismic Structural Health Monitoring of a Six-story Wooden Building



The Building Research Institute and the Japan 2x4 Home Builders Association jointly built a full-scale six-story wooden experimental building. The building was densely equipped with two types of accelerometers to investigate its dynamic characteristics in detail. The fundamental natural frequencies and damping ratios were identified using the strong motion data from more than 100 earthquakes. Identified results widely varied affected by several factors. As one of the factors, the seasonal fluctuation in the dynamic characteristics was recognized by the system identification using ambient vibration data. The fluctuation can be explained as the influence of temperature and relative humidity. The dependence of the dynamic characteristics on response amplitude could be observed in the analytical result using strong motion data as well. Finally, the soil-structure interaction effect was examined from the strong motion data using a simplified rocking-swaying model. As a result, the considerable soilstructure interaction effect was recognized.


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