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Risk-Adaptive Maneuver for Maintenance-Free Operation



This paper introduces an operational construct called Risk-Adaptive Maneuver (RAM) for extending the maintenance-free operating period of future aircrafts. The overarching goal is to establish an integrated operation-sustainment (OS) paradigm that enables continuous aircraft operation with minimum maintenance and logistical support. We define RAM as an integrated OS construct in which maneuver profiles are optimally selected to maximize or extend the maintenance-free operating period of an aircraft without exceeding the operational risk threshold. RAM deals with the following questions: Given a desired (or a must have) incremental MFOP of ΔtMFOP in flight hours or miles, what is the optimal set of flight regimes that the aircraft can execute such that the probability of surviving ΔtMFOP is greater than some acceptable threshold? The paper presents efforts undertaken to answer this and related question.


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