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Monitoring based Risk Assessment and Asset Management of Civil Infrastructures



ISO 31000 specifies risk being “Risk is the effect of uncertainties on objectives”. The uncertainties in the set of risk indicators can be reduced if we have objective results from monitoring systems. This improves the decisions made in asset management. To achieve a holistic risk assessment progress has been made in standardisation. ISO 21292-2 contains definitions for the indicators related to sustainability of civil engineering structures. The parameters driving the issues of economy, environment and society are addressed complementing the issues of safety, durability and operability. Reduction of uncertainties is a subject in all these categories. EN 16991, published in 2018, is defining a risk-based inspection framework, with a mathematical formulation of degradation (aging) of infrastructures. This allows the prediction of development of condition over time. Applied in asset management the remaining time frame for intervention planning and implementation is calculated. How these new developments have changed the environment for risk-based asset management with monitoring as a key tool to improve the accuracy of predictions is explained.


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