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Study of the Damage Detection Approaches for Additively Manufactured Parts



The additive manufacturing (AM) is a new production technique that can change the approach to design and manufacture of future structures. One of the synonyms of AM is 3D printing. It is now used not only for making prototypes but for real parts. More and more structural parts are being manufactured using AM and there is a need to study the structural health monitoring approaches for such parts. In the reported research the focus is put on non-contact techniques. The guided waves approach is studied as well as terahertz spectroscopy. The guided waves were excited by piezoelectric sensor and the surface response was gathered using the scanning laser vibrometer measurements. The terahertz time domain measurements were conducted in the reflection mode in which access to only one object surface is needed. The inspected object was prepared with simulated damage in the form of voids inside the material. The characteristic feature of AM is layer by layer production so depending on the designed the manufactured part can have different properties if the layers are laid in one or other direction. In this research the influence of this directionality on the considered methods is studied. Damage detection approaches are developed taking into account the properties of the printed materials. The gathered time signals are processed with the developed signal processing algorithms.


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