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Novel Approach for Acoustic Source Localization Using Spiral Sensing



This paper presents an approach for acoustic source localization in aerospace structures using spiral sensing. Impact signals are received by the passive sensors arranged on a plate in Theodorous Spiral (TS) pattern. Due to inherent characteristics of spiral it has varying radius with and thus it may possess sensitivity to different wave numbers based on sensor combinations in the spiral. Thus, frequency dependent directional sensitivity can be exploited. Different force (source) of impact with impact location can be characterized using a same set up. Optimization technique has been used to estimate the source location. In spiral design, the sensors are co-located to sense acoustic emission from any direction, because there are at least three sensors for each direction with varying triangular faces which improvises both directional and frequency sensitivity. Hence, impact location and impact type can be characterized more accurately. The performance of the spiral for source location is investigated on an aluminum plate.

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