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Aerospace Industry Steering Committee on Structural Health Monitoring (AISC-SHM): Efforts to Standardize and Streamline SHM Utilization Sensors



As a result of the increased attention that SHM technologies are receiving from industry, a new group was launched to promote industry-wide cooperation on the use and development of SHM systems. The Aerospace Industry Steering Committee on Structural Health Monitoring (AISC-SHM) was formed six years ago by an international team of industry and research representatives. It currently operates under the SAE International Aerospace Division in technical committee G- 11 SHM. The AISC-SHM comprises members from the world’s major civil and military aircraft manufacturers and suppliers, aircraft operators, regulatory agencies, government agencies, SHM technology providers and researchers. Its primary mission is to provide approaches for standardizing integration and certification requirements for SHM which includes system maturation, usage, maintenance, supportability and expansion. This paper presents the contents and the philosophy behind the first AISC-SHM document which is intended to address these needs. The ‘Guidelines for Implementation of Structural Health Monitoring on Fixed Wing Aircraft’ document, which will be published as an SAE Aerospace Recommended Practice, was produced by the AISC-SHM using inputs from the technical committee. This SHM guidebook will provide information and guidance that will support the adoption of SHM practices and help ensure the regulatory guidance needed for the safe incorporation of SHM in aerospace structures.

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