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Reconfigurable Architecture Based on Programmable System on Chip and Versatile Interface for Multi Sensors Instrumentations Applied to SHM: Case of an ATR72 Wing Panels



In this paper, multi diagnostic techniques based on guided waves, electromechanical approach and modal analysis are instrumented using a unique programmable SoC (System on Chip). It includes a Cortex M3 32 bits central processing unit (CPU), analog and digital reconfigurable parts based on programmable logic device (PLD). Therefore, damage assessments algorithms are therefore managed by the calculator, the sensor interface is performed through a charge amplifier inside the SoC and the data are transmitted by an Ethernet controller. To cover large areas, the system is fully scalable and accepts a hardware upgrade. The study begins with a complete hardware description. The migration from a test bench composed from a computer, acquisition card and waveform generator to fully integrated solution is also explained. Assessments algorithms based on classical Pitch catch, pulse echo and EMI are detailed. The first prototype is presented and measurements tests performed with specific piezoelectric sensors bonded to a composite specimen extracted from an ATR72 wing panel are exposed. Guided waves are actually used to locate delamination into simple areas situated between the ribs. In the other hand, electromechanical technique is exploited to detect cracks, disbond and delamination beside the fasteners and the ribs.

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