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Acoustic Emission Sensors Circular Array for Concrete Structure Damaging Source DOA Estimation



We designed circular Acoustic emission (AE) array (consisting of 8 element sensors uniformly spread over a circle of 12 cm) to detect internal structural damage from cracks propagating during the concrete. Uniform circular array acoustic emission array beamforming characteristics ( adaptive beamforming and conventional beamforing)were analyzed in simulation. Then the pencil break tests were carried on a concrete deck to discuss the AE array for damaging sources location performance. The concrete acoustic emission signal sources location was affected by the propagation mode characteristic and noise. The MVDR (Minimum varivance distortionless response) and multiple signal classification (MUSIC) methods are used to estimation circular array direction of arrival (DOA) performance. The experiment results show that the proposed method used in circular array improves the acoustic emission damaging sources location accuracy and gains good performance in limited area

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