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Research on Software Platform of Bridge Health Monitoring System Based on JAVA EE and Scientific Computing Engine



By combining Java EE with MATLAB featured products together, new software architecture for bridge health monitoring system (BHM) is proposed, which aims to implement the real-time analysis of data collected by the BHM on the internet and solve the related engineering structure health status evaluation and disease diagnosis problems at the same time. Servlet based web applications or software components are developed and deployed in the web server tier, which composed the interface to response to the user’s various scientific computing requests and display the retrieved results. MATLAB Component Runtime (MCR) acts as a core application server, with responsibility for the scientific computing engine. By using MATLAB Builder JA, all scientific algorithms can be develop in MATLAB M-functions and built to a standalone java class or methods of a certain java class. These java classes are docked into well organized java class collections which cover all need of data analysis and structural diagnosis computing tasks. Practice indicates, by using of this proposed bridge health monitoring system software architecture, both the powerful MATLAB scientific computing ability and the superiority of the network platform based on Java EE are implemented and cooperated in same system, the scientific computing engine are seamless combined into B/S software platform. The more attractive merit is that the proposed techniques build a gapless cooperative environment for civil engineers, network system engineers, and web page designers.


Java EE, MATLAB Component Runtime, bridge health monitoring system, MATLAB Builder JA, data type conversionText

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