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Influence of Curing Regimes on Flexural Behaviour of Ultra-High Performance Concrete Beams



Mechanical properties of concrete are greatly influenced by curing modes. Hot cured beams often exhibit higher compressive strengths compared to those cured at room temperature. This study sought to investigate and compare the effect of different curing modes on the flexural and shear behaviour of Ultra-high performance fibre reinforced beams (UHPFRC). The research further explores the effect of varying fibre proportions has on beam’s flexural capacity. In this study, a total of nine UHPFRC beams, comprising 7 singly reinforced beams and two beams without longitudinal reinforcements. A compressive strength of up to 170 MPa was achieved in this study. The beams had steel fibre content per volume of 1%, 2% and 4%. The test data of beam deflection, strain, fracture energy and moment capacity are presented in the paper. The results show minor difference in the flexural and deformation behaviour of beams with fibre volumetric ratio of 1% and 2%. The beams with 4% volumetric ratio exhibited higher flexural capacity and in all cases, no shear related failure was recorded. The beams with 2% fibres rom both curing regimes recorded the highest fracture energy

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