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Protection Using SC Composite Structures: Overview of Blast and Impact Resistance



Steel-plate composite concrete (SC) structures consist of external steel-plates acting compositely with a concrete core. These steel plates provide reinforcement and serve as formwork decreasing construction time when compared to conventional reinforced concrete (RC). SC structures have recently been used for nuclear power plant (NPP) construction in the United States, Japan, and Korea. The structural behavior of SC structures has been extensively studied and design standards have recently been published as AISC N690 Appendix N9. This standard provides specific guidance for design basis loads and general guidance for impulsive and impact loads. While the use of SC structures in the United States has been almost exclusively in NPPs, there are important benefits for engineers of other protection needs to be aware of. For example, it has been demonstrated that the same level of projectile protection can be achieved from an SC wall which is 30% thinner than an RC wall. Similar protective benefits are provided by SC walls against explosive loads. This paper includes an explanation of design philosophy and recommended design methods for impulsive and impact loads

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