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Finite Element Simulation of Newly Developed Beam-Column Connection System Subjected to Seismic Loading



Slotted beam-column connection was developed recently as an alternative system for the seismic design of connections in concrete structures. The system includes a vertical slot made into the beam member at the column face, while its main feature is that the bottom reinforcement yields under both positive and negative bending, and thus, the top reinforcement remains elastic during the seismic motion. Therefore, the elongation of the beam member, which is an important parameter in the performance of beam-column connections, is maintained insignificant. The elastic response of the top fiber will also provide a non-tearing action to the attached concrete slab. In this research, nonlinear 3D Finite Element Method (FEM) models were developed and validated against experimental test results of large scale slotted beamcolumn connections. The results of the models are analyzed in terms of loaddisplacement relationships, beam rotation, strain profiles, and cracking pattern. It is concluded that further research into the effect of relocating the vertical slots, away from the column face, on the accuracy of the models in predicting the response of the system is needed before being able to conduct parametric studies using the FEM models

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