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An Applied Research on Reliability Evaluation in the Train Network System



As the train develops in the direction of high speed, intelligence and comfort, higher requirements are raised on safety and reliable running of the train. The structure design of locomotive becomes increasingly complex and more service information with its variety is offered to the passengers. These factors diversify the equipment in the train network system and the number and variety of control information, monitoring information, and failure diagnose information as well as passengers’ service information that need to be transmitted through train network are also doubled. Therefore, the train network system is the key in the future of train as well as the train stability and safe running. The more reliability the train network system has, the more safely the train runs in addition to the great reduction of commissioning and maintenance costs. Therefore, it is of vital theoretical and practical significance for the design of train network system and even of the complete train to analyze the reliability of the train network system and explore the improved measurements of reliability of train network system. Currently, little systematic reliability evaluation is conducted on the train network system of the existing train, and the introduction on the effect of reliability factors on the train network system is far from specific. This paper is aimed at putting the current train network system in the mainstream into model building and carrying out systematically reliability evaluation in an effort to seek out the factors that affect the system reliability. It sets out to elaborate on the basic theory of reliability and then puts the WTB + MVB network aimed at the current mainstream frame into reliability model building through a serial model, and puts the frame of ETB+ECN network aimed at the development trend of the next generation into reliability model building at the same time. Finally, the reliability expression of both systems is thus obtained. The main factors that affect reliability of the train network system are obtained through the analysis. The model provides references for the reliability evaluation and active safe operation and maintenance of the train network system, and for further network system design of the existing train.

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