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A Certifiable Framework for Maintenance Strategy Including CBM



The scope of this paper is to provide an E2E perspective of SHM as an integrated system element of an integrated system health monitoring and management (HMM) system. The paper will address two main topics 1.) The importance of a diagnostics and prognostic requirements specification to develop an innovative health monitoring and management system 2.) The certification of a condition based maintenance system aiming for a maintenance credit as integral part of the maintenance strategies. The development of a maintenance program which is based on combinations of different types (Preventive, CBM and Corrective …) of maintenance strategies for different subsystems or components of complex systems like an aircraft to achieve the most optimized solution in terms of availability, cost and safety / certification is a real challenge. Maintenance Strategy plans most cost effective maintenance type for each fault of a sub-system in such a way that availability and safety are optimized. The maintenance strategy must satisfy the technical-risk and cost feasibility of the maintenance program.

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