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Research on Integrated Monitoring Display System of the Train



As the interface for human-machine interaction of health monitoring system of train running, the train monitoring display system can fulfill many functions such as the display of running safety information, failure information and maintenance data as well as failure record and storage etc. The existing train monitoring display device mainly comprises of 4 dependent devices. In recent years, due to the development of running safety technology and other test and control systems, there is an increasing number of cab consoles mounted with the monitoring display device which makes the cabs and consoles more crowded. In addition, many repeated contents on each display device add to the visual burden and exhausted working of the driver which could affect running safety. Therefore, it is of vital significance for ensuring the normal running and running safety of the train to carry out a prospective and intensive study on the train monitoring display system. In this paper, the concept of system integrated design is initially applied in the design of train monitoring display system which integrates above 4 system monitoring display devices function into the train network control system. The hardware frame adopts a degraded paralleled redundancy. For display, a big dimension LCD is adopted which boasts a higher resolution, a more exquisite and clearer image display featuring partition drive and the function of display redundancy control. To sum up, in the aspect of hardware frame, the creative design adopted endows the system with higher reliability, safety and intelligence compared with the prior system. Regarding display, a big dimension LCD is initially applied. Its HMI interface developed under the guidance of the theory of human-machine engineering features a complete function and reasonable distribution of information which reduces time and energy consumption of the driver on information management and integration in running and thus improves the running safety. A revolutionary transform of the monitoring display system in the field of rail transit is finally realized.

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