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Full Life Management of the Electrical Components Based on Safe Running of EMU



This article mainly describes full life management of the electrical components of EMU. At the beginning of the design, this paper will determine the preliminary life of the electrical components; in the process of running, this paper is to carry out failure statistics, draw the failure curve and analyze the relationship between failure and life according to different environmental conditions and operation and maintenance systems; during the maintenance, field work is conducted on the sub-assemblies for maintenance to know the conditions of each component after many years of running; the electrical components whose life is close to the end are selected to judge the remaining life through many tests such as accelerated weathering and vibration impact; through all the methods mentioned above, the proper life of each component in the electrical system is thus determined. After the determination of life, manage and record the running time, maintenance and replacement of each component etc., replace the electrical components whose life is close to the end and ensure the safe running of EMU in the full life cycle, perfect overhaul specification of EMU electrical components and achieve the unity of safety and economy through full utilization of MRO management system of components.

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