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Research on Health Management Methods of the PEM Fuel Cell Locomotive Based on the Voltage Uniformity



The proton exchange membrane fuel cell, with its advantages of high power density, low pollution, low noise and high efficiency, has attracted much attention and is a very promising internal combustion engine. So far, several countries or regions successfully developed fuel cell locomotives. However, the fuel cell is not market-oriented or wide range of application. Fuel cells and locomotive maintenance system has just started. Its poor reliability and short service life problems have been hindering the widespread use of proton exchange membrane fuel cells. Health management is an effective solution to ensure the safe operation of fuel cell. Many serious faults can be effectively avoided by preliminary health assessment and prediction. Based on the research results of experts from home and abroad, this paper has made some further research. In this paper, BP network algorithm for establishing the relationship between the respective input signal and the output voltage, and a voltage is proposed to balance the fuel cell as an indicator of health management strategies. In this paper, a new way of strategy is put forward for the health maintenance and life extension of the proton exchange membrane fuel cell for locomotive.

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