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Monitoring System of Bottom Door Under Locking Status



Due to coal hopper wagon over-limit when bottom door opened, after opening the doors of loaded wagon must empty coal in the wagon before closing bottom door, lines occupy a long time, so customers and transportation department take coal hopper wagon bottom door locking condition very seriously, and eager to install connecting rod locking condition monitoring system, in order to monitor bottom doors locking condition effectively. For this purpose, we develop bottom door locking condition monitoring system which can inspect, alarm, monitor and record bottom door locking condition. When close bottom door, the system will gives alarm signal to alert operating personnel if bottom door connecting rod not locked in place; train inspection personnel also can use handheld inspection equipment to inspect marshaling, in order to confirm the bottom door locking condition is good. Most of coal hopper cars adopt 4 bottom doors on both sides of top lock type opening/closing mechanism switch in China, three-level lockup devices are set, and Level-I lockup is top locking mechanism which is installed between bottom door pin and the long/short push rods. The arc surface of lock body bearing the force of bottom door pin is a circular arc with the rotary center of the lock body as the center, the bottom door pressure stressing on the lock body is through the rotation center of the lock body, so the lock body and bottom door pin are in balanced status in any point of the pressure of bottom door pin on the arc surface, the lock body will not rotate due to the increase or decrease of acting force of bottom door pin; lockup function is also very reliable even the scattered goods are compacted during long distance of transportation. To prevent lock body from opening automatically due to the vibration of empty vehicle during the running, an eccentric connecting rod is designed between the upper and the lower drive shafts of two level rotation, with the eccentricity of 15+2mm, and such connecting rod can only be opened after turning over dead point so as to lock the lower drive shaft and the lock body in designated rotation position to form into the Level-II lockup device.

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