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Fabrication of TI/APC-2 Nanocomposite Laminates and Their Fatigue Response at Elevated Temperature

M.-H. R. JEN, C.-K. CHANG, Y.-C. SUNG, F.-C. HSU


The Ti/APC-2 cross-ply nanocomposite laminates were successfully fabricated. The Ti thin sheets were surface treated by anodic oxidation of electroplating to achieve good bonding with APC-2 laminates. Nanoparticles SiO2 were dispersed uniformly on the interfaces of APC-2 with the optimal amount of wt 1%. The modified diaphragm curing process was adopted to manufacture the hybrid laminates for minimal impact of production. Basically, the tensile tests at elevated temperature were conducted to obtain the baseline data of mechanical properties, such as strength and stiffness. The results of longitudinal stiffness predicted by the rule of mixtures (ROM) were in good agreement with experimental data; whilst, those ultimate strength predicted by ROM were lower than the measured data. Then, the tension-tension (T-T) constant stress amplitude cyclic tests were performed at elevated temperature to receive the S-N curves, fatigue strength and life. It is a surprise that almost no delaminations were observed in tensile and cyclic tests, even at elevated temperature and over a million cycles. The superior mechanical properties of the hybrid laminates were highlighted.


Nano; Composite Laminate; Hybrid; Fatigue; Elevated Temperature.Text

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