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Effect of Compound Fresh-Keeping Liquid on Fresh Corn Preservation



Fresh-keeping and preservation flavor of fresh food corn was studied by using the household flavoring agent (sucrose, salt, white vinegar) by using the household flavoring agent (sucrose, salt, white vinegar). [Methods] Using L9(33) orthogonal test to configure a certain concentration of sucrose, salt, vinegar composite impregnating solution, and packaging with polyethylene film,the effect of pretreatment liquid with different concentration ratio on water content, weight loss rate, sensory quality, soluble sugar content and total colony number of fresh food corn in storage period were tested.[Results] Sugar, salt, vinegar has good effect on fresh-keeping and preservation flavor, the single factor test showed that when the fresh corn was soaked in sugar, salt and vinegar(the mass concentrations were 1,10,10g / L, respectively) for 10 min,sensory score was the highest , the mitigation of water content and the inhibition of microbial growth rate are most obvious.The results of orthogonal test showed that the best effect of fresh-keeping and preservation flavor was obtained ,after soaking in mixed liquid of 2,9 and 13 g/L with sugar, salt and white vinegar respectively for 10 min. [Conclusion] After a specific concentration of sucrose, salt, white vinegar solution can effectively inhibit the deterioration of the quality of fresh food corn,play the role of preservation and prolong the storage period.


Fresh food corn ; Impregnating solution ; Keep fresh and tasteText


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