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The Study of the Quality Test and Control Technology of the Digital Printing



Digital printing is affecting all sectors of the world in terms of on-demand, personalized and remote services. But at present, there is still existing the disadvantages that some printing enterprises in our country, which detect the digital printing products by using the method, which is used to detect the traditional products. This paper carries out the research about the quality detection and controlling technology, which aims at the specific issues and some links of the whole process of printing and based on the characteristics of the whole digital printing process. The paper, which is surrounding on the main research goal, from the data of quality inspection and control for before printing, printing materials quality inspection and control, digital printing quality inspection and control, and environmental control and so on four aspects specific analysis, put forward a series of corresponding technology of quality detection and control, which has a positive effect on enhancing and improving the quality of the digital printing.


digital printing; pre-print data check; printing material quality inspection and control; digital printing inspection and controlText


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