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Research on Brand Packaging Design of Chinese Women’s Cosmetics



With the pace of reform and opening up, people's living standards have been greatly improved. People are no longer simply seeking to meet the material needs of living, but more to the spiritual level. Women's cosmetics as fashionable consumer goods require high-quality packaging materials and personalized high-end packaging designs to make them look more upscale to increase their value while attracting consumers to purchase. Cosmetics are not only material consumption, but also reflect people's spiritual consumption. Monotonous packaging can no longer satisfy people's aesthetic requirements. The texture, aesthetics, non-toxicity and safety of packaging are increasingly important. At present, the cosmetics packaging materials used in the market are mainly concentrated in three kinds of materials: glass, plastic and metal. With the gradual application of packaging technology and digitalization, the future development trend of cosmetics packaging is mainly reflected in the pursuit of high-end, novelty, convenience, and environmental protection. At present, with the development of internationalization, the domestic cosmetics market is almost monopolized by international brands, such as French high-end brands such as Lancome and Japan skII, while Chinese domestic brands are mostly mid lower end products. The price is low and the profit margin is small. Domestic enterprises lack innovation and not pay attention to integration with their own long-standing national style, and blindly imitate international big-name packaging designs, resulting in products that lack national charm and cannot reach higher levels. On this basis, this article discusses the current shortage of women's cosmetics packaging in China and can be improved.


female cosmetics; brand design; ethnic styleText


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