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In-plane Dynamic Cushioning Mechanics of Circular Honeycomb Cores



In this paper, the dynamic cushioning mechanics of circular honeycomb cores is investigated based on the basis of finite element simulations. The current mechanical theories about the properties of honeycomb cores are summarized. The reliable finite element model of circular honeycomb cores is established by using ANSYS/LS-DYNA under the in-plane impact loadings. The in-plane deformation modes, the dynamic plateau stress and energy absorption of regularly-arranged and staggered-arranged circular honeycombs at different impact velocities are analyzed and compared. Different deformation modes appear at different impact velocities. The empirical formulas of mode transition velocity about configuration parameters are given. According to the finite element calculated results, the dynamic plateau stresses of circular honeycomb cores are derived in terms of configuration parameters and impact velocity. Compared with the staggered-arranged ones, regularly-arranged circular honeycombs have better energy absorption.


circular honeycomb cores; in-plane; deformation mode; dynamic plateau stress; finite element analysis; energy absorption performanceText


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