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Proposal of Simple Shock Testing Method for Protective Packaging



Damage Boundary Test has been carrying out to identify Damage Boundary Curve (DBC), critical shock acceleration and critical velocity change, of products. DBC contributes to realize an optimized protective packaging. Current method of this test has been regulated as ASTM D3332 or JIS Z0119 that always requests 2 pieces of specimen to describe DBC by an expensive shock machine with a square shock pulse. However, oftentimes it is difficult to prepare them for packaging engineers because of high cost testing machine or lack of test samples available on a development process with short term. Accordingly, this new simple testing system was developed that can obtain the critical acceleration of specimen roughly with easy way and low cost. This proposal system has 2 viewpoints of new development. One is a development of an inexpensive shock testing machine that combines between a drop tester for packaging and a specified shock table jig can generate a half sine shock pulse. Other one is the development of new testing method by single specimen suitable for this new machine.


Protective Packaging, Optimized packaging, shock test, damage boundary testText


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