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Investigation on Vibration Scuffing Life Curves



The printing images on products and packaging play an important role in increasing the business value, adding artistic quality and sending information. During transportation, scuffing of the printing images will emerge due to vibrations and impacts induced by rough roads and vehicles. This paper investigates experimentally the vibration scuffing through an ink transfer device. The scuffing value - time curves are obtained. Then, the scuffing life curves based on excitation acceleration RMS and based on relative acceleration RMS are respectively developed. Both Basquin type and exponential type curves may be applied to describe the scuffing life in this case. The excitation frequency width covering the resonance frequency has a significant effect on the scuffing life curve based on excitation acceleration RMS, however, it is not obvious on the scuffing life curve based on relative acceleration RMS. The vibration system filters out the broadband excitation vibration frequencies away from the resonance zone, and makes the relative acceleration signal a narrow one. The scuffing life curve in the resonance scuffing state is very different from that in the non-resonance scuffing state, and they should be distinguished in practical application. The scuffing life equations and curves obtained in this paper may provide a reference to the further research on packaging scuffing and its test evaluation and accelerated vibration test in laboratory.


scuffing; random vibration; scuffing life curve; acceleration RMS; PSDText


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