The Influence of the Planning Process Integration on the Material Flow Efficiency



The research presented in the article is intended to identify dependencies between the planning process integration level and the material flow efficiency in production enterprises. The SOP (Sales and Operations Planning) method was applied in the research on reflecting the planning process integration. In order to achieve the aim the authors performed quantitative research by means of simulation studies and statistical research analysis. A model of integrating planning processes in production enterprises based on the SOP method was developed for the sake of this research. The understanding of material flow efficiency was also defined. All the elements were modelled in the iGrafx Process for Six Sigma software by means of BPMN notation. The simulation studies were performed with respect to dynamic environment conditions. The result analysis of the studies was conducted using the method of testing statistical hypotheses in the Minitab 17 software. The analysis results make it feasible to state that the increase in the planning process integration causes an increase in the material flow efficiency.


Sales and operations planning, Integration of planning processes, Simulation study.


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