Analysis on Development Trend of the Domestic Interior Design Pattern Based on the Regional Characteristics and Cultural Integration

Congcong Ai, Han Xu


Interior is the main space of human activities, which is an important part of human life and design activities, and is the link between spiritual civilization and material civilization. Interior design originates from life, and needs to solve the problem of the material world and spiritual world. People improve the living environment and life quality through interior designs. The style of design depends on the geographical features and various cultures, which reflects the artistic features and personality. The development history of modern architecture and interior design shows that the style of interior design is an important part of the whole architectural style, which reflects the design features of the whole building. Therefore, interior design and outdoor design should be in harmony. The orientation and characteristics of interior design determine the necessity of the style reforms. The future development trend of interior development may have the following characteristics: humanism, green design, nationalization, intelligence and regionalization.


Development Trend, Domestic, Interior Design Pattern, Regional Characteristics, Cultural Integration


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