The Quantification and Evolution of Military-Civilian Integration Policy in China

Ya-Na YUAN, Hua-Qi CHAI, Wen-Lei PAN, Dan-Li BAN


Discussion about the military-civilian integration policy in China has so far only focused on qualitative analysis. Therefore, this article attempts to bridge the gap by quantifying the changes in the military-civilian integration policy promulgated by policy-making bodies. It does so by using grounded theory and a text mining method to analyse the content of military-civilian integration policy promulgated by Chinese authorities over the past 16 years. It is found that Chinese military-civilian integration policy focuses on some areas, such as military equipment, emerging industry and other fields, but focuses less on education, finance and social services. This article can offer some reasonable scientific policy advice to improve the modernization level of the military-civilian integration policy formulation.


Military-civilian Integration Policy, Grounded Theory, Text Mining, Semantic Network Analysis, Policy Tools


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