Challenges for Tutoring Through Blended Mode of Education Delivery in Secondary School Certificate (SSC) Programme of Bangladesh Open University



Tutoring is the only mean of face-to-face contact of learners with tutors at Bangladesh Open University. But there are a number of problems that hampers tutoring and as a result the quality of education of this programme is deteriorating. This study investigates the problems of tutoring for Secondary School Certificate (SSC) programme of BOU already existing and hampering the quality of the programme. The quantitative study was carried out with 42 tutors with a survey. The research design was delineated in such a way that the objective, design and methodology of the study allowed to bring out and highlight the tutoring system in Open Distance Learning (ODL) considering the perspectives of both tutors and learners. This study concluded that there were problems of tutoring related to either management or academic. However, these were mainly related to tutor and learner-two key players of tutoring on ODL system. The problems of tutoring in SSC programme of Bangladesh Open University were: less communication between tutors and learners; incapability of understanding course content; lack of interest in learning; inadequate number of tutorial classes; excess and complex course content; appointment of less qualified tutors; lack of training of tutors; dissatisfaction on honorarium for tutoring; lack of knowledge in use of ICT.


Challenges; Blended Mode; Tutoring; Mega University; Quality EducationText


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