A Core General Education Course Construction System to Improve College Students' Art Literacy in Garment and Accessories

Mei-ling ZHUANG, Jing LIU, Zhen-hui ZHOU, Bei-bei SUN, Ming-jing WANG, Rong-yu AI


To adapt to the needs of undergraduate talent training in the 21st century, and to improve college students' art literacy in garment and accessories, the course set three modules of body measuring and structure, sewing technology and accessories from the perspective of clothing profession, and provided undergraduate students with an artistic training in all aspects of clothing structure, fabrics, technology and colors. Through the combination of theoretical narrative and practice, students could grasp the connotation of the art of garment and accessories under the guidance of theory and hands-on practice and guide the individual's daily dressing and matching and promote the appreciation ability of the garments and accessories. The teaching effect of the course was analyzed by setting up questionnaires before and after the study. The results of statistical analysis showed that the study of the course had achieved remarkable results in improving college students' art literacy in garment and accessories.


Art of garment and accessories, General education, Course construction, Garment pattern, Sewing technology, Accessories matching


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