The Central Class of Digital Cultural Houses

Yong ZHU, Jian-jun GONG


Under the premise of the increasing developments of digital cultural houses in China, a central class of digital cultural houses scheme under Internet is proposed according to the shortage of the operating mode of the traditional cultural houses. The scheme can be divided into two parts, respectively corresponding to the construction ideas about the hardware and software. Under this digitalized, networked and central-branched framework, there can be more participant with less hardware. Meanwhile, the software platform undertakes the main responsibilities. So a regional collaborative sharing public cultural services platform can be realized in addition to a targeted and efficient statistics and analysis. In this scheme, the life cycle of the whole system is long, and the construction cost is under control. Therefore, it is advantageous to be rapidly promoted and it is of positive significance to accelerate the developing progress of public culture service system.


Cultural house, Central class, Digitization, Internet


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