The Intellectual Property Protection of Traditional Chinese Medicine Lycium for the Prevention and Treatment of Diabetes

Yuan-peng SUN, Ya-ning LEI, Zhe WU, Chun-yan YANG


How to use the traditional knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine to search for the cure of diabetes mellitus, is an important direction of diabetes prevention and control. Chinese wolfberry (Lycium Linn) is an important medicinal plant in the prevention and treatment of diabetes. The wolfberry and its root bark (Digupi) are one of the traditional Chinese medicine in the prevention and treatment of diabetes, and the wolfberry leaf tea has the hypoglycemic effect on diabetes. This paper describes the Lycium and its medicinal value, and Studies the intellectual property of traditional Chinese medicine radix Lycium for the prevention and treatment of diabetes, from the perspective of geographical indications, trademarks, new plant varieties, patents, biological genetic resources, traditional knowledge, and so on. The paper discusses the related countermeasures, and puts forward some suggestions.


Intellectual property, Traditional Chinese medicine, Lycium linn, Prevention and treatment of diabetes


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