Discuss on the Intellectual Property Protection and Geo-authentic Areas of Traditional Chinese Medicine Corn Silk for the Prevention and Treatment of Diabetes

Yuan-peng SUN,, Chun-yan YANG, Zhe WU, Ya-ning LEI


Diabetes is one of the third major diseases that seriously threaten human health. About 110 million adults have diabetes in China. Traditional Chinese medicine corn silk (i.e., corn stigma hair, stigma maydis), is one of the main herbal medicine for the prevention and treatment of diabetes. The corn stigma contents of polysaccharide, total flavone and total saponins, are very different from different producing areas, different varieties and different growth periods. This paper describes the corn silk and its medicinal value, and Studies the intellectual property protection of the traditional Chinese medicine for the prevention and treatment of diabetes, from the perspective of patents, new plant variety, geographical indications, and so on. The paper explores its related strategies, puts forward some suggestions.


Intellectual property, Traditional Chinese medicine, Corn Silk, Prevention and treatment of diabetes


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