Reflection on the Cultural and Educational Problems in the Rural Urbanization of Southern Jiangsu

Li LI, Cai-ping WEI, Ru ZHANG, Jing ZHANG


In this paper, we take the Jinyuan new village as an example of case study, and investigate by methods of literature, field survey and questionnaires. We find that there is a big contradiction between the high growth speed of the local economy and low index of happiness of the local residents during the urbanization of the Qiandai village in the south of Jiangsu province from 1983 to 2017. We point out the intrinsic cultural reason of such situation, which is due to the lacks of educational resources and government's guidance of the public awareness, and the structure problem of educational investment. We also give some thoughts of the possible solution, and hope to provide theoretical basis to eliminate the urban-rural gap, maintain social stability and for the realization of the cultural and educational construction of the centralized socialist new countryside.


Intermediate society, Jinyuan new village, Qiandai village, Public awareness


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