The Internationalized Differences of Manufacturing Brands in China and Study of Improving Methods

Bin GAO, Ke-cheng ZHANG


China is in the certain condition of transforming from “large manufacturing country” and “China-made” to “influential manufacturing country” and “China-create”. The forcing mission is to raise the future industrial development thoughts in terms of the strategic background of “China-made 2025”. This essay attempts to analyze the gaps of brands internationalization in Chinese manufacturing industry from both qualitative and quantitative aspects, meanwhile it will also propose developing methods for brand internationalization of Chinese manufacturing industry from government and enterprise level. The study shows that the main shortages of brands internationalization in Chinese manufacturing industry are brand quantities, brand value, brand influence, brand history, brand marketing concept and brand management. Meanwhile, it has been suggested that barriers from external and internal have a distinct impact on the development of brands internationalization. However, with the efforts from both government and enterprises, manufacturing industry of China will achieve OEM → ODM → OBM upgrading path gradually.


Manufacturing, Brand internationalization, Solutions


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