Research on Risk Control of Logistics Finance

Cong LIU


“In our country, the logistics financial was still at the beginning, because of its interdisciplinary, cross-industry features, And made the logistics financial business develop as well as brought innovation of financial products a huge challenge .This paper uses the method of literature investigation and the comparative analysis to do a research on risk control from the enterprises, Banks and social these three aspects. To improve the pledge of the regulation, the third party logistics enterprise should establish a set of related to the internal management mechanism, enterprises in the supply chain have to know the information in real-time interaction, to prevent the risk caused by information delay; As for bank, they should perfect the mechanism, the assessment of the pledge of improper selection of the pledge to avoid the risks, as well as to strengthen the contact with logistics enterprises, informed the pledge, adopt the unified credit granting to optimize the pledge loan business; From the social level, the country should establish relevant legal system and relevant policies to supervise the related enterprise information constraint corporate behavior. ”


Logistics finance, Risk management, Inventory pledge, Order pledge, Accounts receivable pledge


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