Design of an Applied Chemistry Comprehensive Experiment of Control and Sealing Using Peanut Shell

Shi-Jun CHEN, Jun GUO, Ji-Gang YANG, Dan XUE, Gang CHEN


In order to further improve the comprehensive experimental skills of undergraduates, this paper designed a comprehensive experiment of the peanut shell as raw material, through physical crushing, sieving profile plugging particles into a certain size, evaluate it as profile control agent plugging effect. This experiment uses the abandoned peanut shells as raw materials for the experiment as a particle profile control agent, the main components of natural organic compounds such as cellulose, lignin, conducive to the late degradation, does not damage the oil and gas layer, to help practice concept of green environmental protection of oil and gas field development, at the same time combining experiment skills and field profile control operations, improve the students' professional skills, ability to adapt and samples from oil field.


Peanut shells, Profile control, Particles, Sealing effect, Comprehensive experiment


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